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Corporate Culture
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Corporate Mission
Cultivate a nationwide team of professional IT services
Create a perfect IT service system
Form a marketing mode and standard of service admitted by the IT market
Build a well-known domestic IT service brand
Wonderful Technology Values

Client First

We insist client first principle and place the benefits of our clients in the first position.  Approach clients and treat clients in the manner they enjoy; provide the clients with most professional and appropriate high value added services to utilize the client sources to the greatest extent.  Focus on what client focuses and help the client to develop.
Service Oriented

Service directly influences whether the marketing performance is good or bad and determines whether the market basis is firm. Adhere to service oriented, enhance the service awareness, deepen high quality service, improve client satisfaction and change traditional service form so as to change the company from sales and management oriented into consulting and service oriented.
Faith and Respect

People oriented, self-respect and respect to others, respect the facts, conduct open and direct communications, provide honest and constructive responses; mutual faith to each other and give authorization.
Integrity and Honesty

Integrity and honesty, commit to promises, act fairly and cooperate with others open and candidly as well as with frank attitude.  Act as one speaks and will not compromise with benefits or pressure.  Dare to admit mistake and commit responsibilities.  Insist principles and will not promise or compromise easily, protect the benefits and good will of the corporate.

Team Work

Sharing, mutual support and cooperation, sacrifice individual to the community. Willing to share knowledge, experience, information and technology, grow up together with the team. Persist win-win strategy when resolving the problems and share responsibility and achievement. Actively involved, have a sense of ownership, work in coordination with others and correct to remedy defects. Fully express views before making a decision, firmly implement after decision. Positively impact on the team, cause the team actively progress towards the same direction.

Harmonious  and Win-win

Seek to promote the common development of harmonious and win-win culture. To create a favorable external& internal environment of harmony, emphasize the harmonious competition, strengthen win-win cooperation between partners in the market, avoid vicious unfair competition. Through alliances, cooperation, look for the same goal, work together to foster market, learn from each other in the competition, reduce friction, develop and progress together; thereby enhance the value of the entire industry and the overall level.
Passion for Innovation

Take positive action, have the courage to take risks, challenge the authority, never give up and be optimistic. Ardently love the community, colleague and the career. Use positive attitude to face the changes, difficulties, setbacks and failures. In the daily work, constantly motivate and improve ourselves. Be confident at all times with the determination to win. During difficult times, influence the colleagues and team with optimistic spirits. Continue to explore new methods to learn, share and accept new knowledge and ideas; be able to learn from failure, with flexible and rapid response capabilities.
Pursuit of Perfect

Committed to improving business results and continuously improve the level of performance; setting measurable goals, bear responsibility and be accountable for results; pursue high degree of specialization; pursue career to the excellence, do not accept mediocre performance and strive to become the industry leader.