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LANDesk is the top-tier desk management software in the world presently, with LANDesk management suite as well as operation and maintenance suite as flagship products, which can help IT administrators to fully acknowledge, manage, update and protect all the desk computers, servers and various mobile devices through single console and single database easily and conveniently. It allows IT administrators to control LAN Desk Asset Manager, LAN Desk System Manager, visualization of LANDesk application program, LANDesk Anti-virus Software of Enterprise Edition and Host-based Intrusion Prevention System etc. or other optional product functions at the same time through single console, also it can be used by integration with LANDesk Process Manager and LANDesk Server Manager, also qualified to provide most integrated solutions for enterprise IT operation and maintenance management.
F5 Networks is a leading manufacturer in the field of application delivery networks (ADN) in the world, and is devoted to deliver virtualization, cloud solutions and IT business values of¡°play it by ear¡± for top global enterprises and service providers. Solutions of F5 is helpful to integrate different technologies so as to better control the infrastructure, improve the ability of application delivery and data management to assist clients switch in the application completely and quickly via enterprise desktop system and smart device.
Citrix Systems provides excellent software and services for achieving global access infrastructure solutions and is in the leading place in this field worldwide. Its solutions enable clients to acquire various applications, information and communications any time, any place and on any devices through any form internet links with high efficiency. Citrix technology can make everywhere a digital office and make the work easy and convenient. Through cooperation with world-class partners in this field, Citrix solutions provide enterprise clients with excellent functions such as application issuing, remote access, flexible office and business consistency etc. to help the clients to expand to any pitch point by taking advantage of existing information resource, to design individualized service on application access for employees, partners, clients and suppliers, extremely promote the efficiency of enterprise¡¯s IT investment and production.
Trend Micro- as a global leader in cloud security, before a few years ago with excellent forward and technological innovation ability, leads the trend from the desktop to the network server and gateway antivirus, and now it uses a unique service concept once again proving that Trend Micro's prospective and leadership to the industry. Its headquarters locate at Tokyo in Japan and Silicon Valley in United States with branch companied in 32 countries and regions at present and over 3000 employees totally.
EMC is a world's leading company in the field of information storage and management systems, software, services and solutions. We help global companies of all sizes implement information lifecycle management (ILM) strategy, enabling them to better and more cost-effectively manage, use, protect and share their information.
NetApp (NASDAQ: NTAP) continually uses innovated concepts and outstanding technologies to lead the development of storage industry and is a world leader providing unified storage solutions for today's data-intensive enterprises. Its Data ONTAP is a leading storage operation system in the world. Since its establishment in 1992, NetApp has been providing first-class technology, products and partnerships, improving IT efficiency and flexibility of storage and data management solutions, and constantly promoting the storage industry. NetApp storage solutions cover specialized hardware, software and services and provide a seamless storage management for open network environment.